SIM card for Australia

Are you planning a longer stay or a holiday in Australia? A SIM card or eSIM card will help you stay connected while you're on the move. We have found the best offers for Australia SIM cards.

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Phone and Internet in Australia

Breathtaking landscapes, unique flora and fauna, and excellent surf beaches: Australia is the perfect destination for outdoor adventures! To make sure you stay connected and informed while exploring the Down Under, you should get an eSIM card or SIM card for Australia before your journey.

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Australia SIM card: is it worth it?

Finding your way to the nearest supermarket, checking the weather forecast, reserving a ticket for a museum, or sharing vacation photos with friends back home: the smartphone is an indispensable companion also in Australia. To avoid incurring high roaming charges from the other side of the world, you are recommended to get an eSIM or SIM card for Australia before you fly.

In addition to the money saved, the travel SIM cards also have other advantages such as excellent network coverage, sufficient data volume, and the ability to access GPS at any time.

SIM card or eSIM card for Australia?

When traveling to Australia, you can opt for either an eSIM or a conventional, physical SIM card. You must insert a physical SIM card into your smartphone. As the link between your phone and your mobile provider, the card gives you access to all network services.

The eSIM (short for "Embedded SIM"), on the other hand, is not a replaceable card, but a circuit permanently installed in the device that performs the functions of a SIM card. If you change mobile provider, the chip of your eSIM is rewritten.

Today, eSIMs are installed in most smartphones (e.g., iPhones from the XS onwards, Samsung from the Samsung Galaxy S20, or Google from the Google Pixel 3 onwards). Smartwatches also often have an eSIM function.

Buying a SIM card for Australia online

If you have an older smartphone, it may not have an eSIM, and you will require a physical SIM card. You can order your SIM card online before you travel and insert it into your phone when you land in Australia.

Physical SIM cards for all six Australian states and Tasmania are available to buy online from TravSIM, for example.

  • Provider: TravSIM
  • Tariff duration: 30 - 60 days
  • Data volume: 8 GB - 20 GB
  • Price: € 24.99 - € 49.99
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Australia eSIM card from BNE

You can buy your eSIM cards for Australia online from various providers. A wide selection of eSIM cards with different data volumes and validity periods can be found on the BNE website.

You can specify the data volume per day or per month, but you can also choose an eSIM with unlimited validity. BNE offers these eSIM options with unlimited validity for Australia:

Data volume Price
1 GB € 8.10
3 GB € 23.60
5 GB € 38.10
10 GB € 72.90
20 GB € 142.60

Our tip: eSIM card from BNE

Buy your eSIM card for Australia from BNE. With the discount code ONVISA20 you will receive a 20 % discount on your order.

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If you're not sure which eSIM is appropriate for your travel plans in Australia, the following examples will help you estimate your likely data usage:

Activity Data usage
Google search (per search query) 0.20 MB
Send/receive an e-mail 0.20 MB
Send/receive a WhatsApp message 0.01 MB
Facebook & Instagram (scroll, per page with pictures and videos) 2.00 MB
Music streaming, e.g., Spotify (per minute) 1.50 MB
Watch YouTube video (per minute, high resolution) 8.00 MB
Video streaming, e.g., Netflix (per minute, high resolution) 35.00 MB

Unlimited data tariffs for Australia

Particularly if you are planning a longer stay in Australia, an unlimited data plan is worthwhile because it gives you maximum flexibility and allows you to make as many calls and surf the Internet as you want.

You don't need to estimate your expected data volume before your journey to Australia, you don't need to recharge your data volume during your stay, and you always have a reliable Internet connection.

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Frequently asked questions

Do you have further questions about SIM cards for Australia? We have compiled useful information and tips in our FAQ:

There are several different mobile phone providers in Australia. Since Australia covers a large area, you should make sure that you choose a mobile phone provider with which you always have good network coverage on your travel route. The largest Australian provider is Telstra. Furthermore, there are:

  • Optus
  • Vodafone
  • Virgin Mobile

When a provider in Australia speaks of 90 % coverage, this does not mean 90 % of the Australian territory, but 90 % of the population, which is mainly located in the coastal regions.

So if you are planning a trip to the outback, it is better to buy your Australia SIM card from a major mobile phone provider that offers stable network coverage at least along the major highways and in populated areas.

The costs for roaming, i.e., using a mobile device in a foreign mobile network, depend on your country of origin and the contract conditions of your mobile provider. In most cases, however, international roaming outside your home continent is relatively expensive.

You can avoid nasty surprises on your cell phone bill if you get an eSIM or SIM card for Australia before your holiday. In most cases, it's worth buying an Australia SIM card for a vacation of just a few days.

You can buy an Australia SIM card after you arrive in the country. However, it is recommended that you obtain the eSIM or SIM beforehand. This way, you can compare the rates in advance and order online with just a few clicks instead of searching for a store during your precious vacation time.

Sending messages, photos or videos, and making voice and video calls via WhatsApp is free of charge in Australia. You can also use other popular social media apps such as Facebook, Instagram, X, or Reddit without restrictions in Australia.