For a trip to Australia, you need a valid visa. Which type is suitable for your travel plans and whether you can also enter Australia with an E-Visa depends on a number of factors. We support you in applying for your eVisitor travel authorization for Australia.

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Country facts

Are you planning a vacation in Australia? Then look ahead to coral reefs, kangaroos, and koalas! But before you fly off, we'll provide you with the most important information about traveling „Down Under.”

Quick facts Australia

  • Location: Southern Hemisphere, Commonwealth of Australia
  • Area: 7,688,287 km²
  • Currency: Australian dollar (AUD)
  • Official language: English
  • Population: approx. 25.7 million
  • Capital city: Canberra

Climate in Australia

The question about Australia's climate cannot be answered in one sentence because the continent is gigantic. You can experience almost everything with temperatures in the double-digit plus range, from the desert climate in the outback to the humid tropical climate on the coasts.

It stays warm almost all the time in Australia. In the rainy season, storms are frequent, and flooding is common. Australian temperatures range from over 39 °C on hot days in the north to 15 °C or less on cold days in the south.

Unfortunately, the cooler south in "Down Under" is not always so refreshing: bush fires are common in the hottest months, especially in the south and east of Australia.

Landscape and nature in Australia

You will see a lot of deserts in Australia. The native eucalyptus tree defies this extensive aridity masterfully. Nevertheless, Australia owes its world-famous biodiversity mainly to the tropical rainforests.

In addition to the eastern Australian highlands, the central Australian lowlands, and the western Australian tablelands, there are also mountain ranges with heights of up to 2,200 m. The highest part of them is "the Australian Alps."

As a tourist, you will not want to miss the cities of Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, and Brisbane, as well as Australia's national parks and natural wonders. These include, for example, the Great Barrier Reef, Uluṟu (Ayers Rock,) and Kakadu National Park.

Entering Australia

You will need an eVisitor or visa to travel to Australia. Also, check the current entry requirements for Australia before you travel.

Getting around Australia

In Australia, the best way to get around is by car. However, there is also a well-developed domestic flight network and some train and bus connections. When driving, keep strictly to the speed limits, as there are heavy fines. In addition, expect kangaroos to pass by at any time.


You have to drive on the left side of the road in Australia!

Means of payment in Australia

In Australia, you can pay by credit card almost everywhere, and you will also find an ATM even in the most remote places.

Travel and safety tips for Australia

Since the local security situation can change spontaneously, keep up to date with current events and forecasts during your trip with the help of news and the weather report.