SIM card for Turkey

An eSIM or SIM card is the perfect companion for your journey to Turkey. We introduce you to the best offers that will keep you well-connected during your Turkey vacation.

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Phone and internet in Turkey

Turkey attracts visitors with vibrant cities as well as ancient sites and is a perfect destination for a beach vacation. If you want to access social media, streams, and more while traveling, an eSIM card or SIM card for Turkey is very useful.

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Turkey SIM card: is it worth it?

To avoid expensive roaming fees, it's worth buying a SIM card for Turkey before you travel. Moreover, you will have sufficient data volume, good network coverage, and can use GPS without any problems with your Turkey SIM card.

SIM card or eSIM card for Turkey?

SIM cards serve as a connection between smartphones and mobile network providers, enabling access to available network services. Nowadays, smartphone users can choose between two types of SIM cards: the traditional, physical SIM card, which is inserted into the device, and the eSIM ("embedded SIM"), which is permanently installed in a device.

Actually, the eSIM is not a SIM as such, but a circuit integrated into the smartphone that performs the functions of a SIM card. This means that the eSIM cannot be replaced. It is rewritten when you change providers.

Most modern smartphones already have built-in eSIM cards. They can, for example, be found in all iPhones from the XS onwards, Samsung devices from the Samsung Galaxy S20 onwards, Google devices from the Google Pixel 3 onwards, and in various smartwatches

Buying a SIM card for Turkey online

You'll have more time to enjoy your well-deserved vacation if you buy your SIM card for Turkey online before your travels begin. You don't have to search for a store where you can get a suitable SIM card but can use your smartphone as soon as you arrive at the airport. For older devices that are not eSIM-capable, you can order a physical SIM card. These can be purchased online from TravSIM, for example.

  • Provider: TravSIM
  • Tariff duration: 14 Tage
  • Data volume: 19 GB
  • Price: € 49.99
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Turkey eSIM card from BNE

You can find eSIM cards for Turkey on various websites. BNE is one of the top providers since you can choose between a variety of Turkey eSIM cards with different data volumes and validity periods.

You can also buy eSIM cards for Turkey with limited validity online from BNE:

Data volume Price
1 GB € 2.58
3 GB € 7.60
5 GB € 11.02
10 GB € 18.62
20 GB € 32.87

Our tip: eSIM card from BNE

Buy your eSIM card for Turkey at BNE. With the discount code ONVISA20, you will receive a 20 % discount on your order.

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These examples will help you to estimate the expected data consumption for your journey and select the right Turkey eSIM:

Activity Data usage
Google search (per search query) 0.20 MB
Send/receive an e-mail 0.20 MB
Send/receive a WhatsApp message 0.01 MB
Facebook & Instagram (scroll, per page with pictures and videos) 2.00 MB
Music streaming, e.g., Spotify (per minute) 1.50 MB
Watch YouTube video (per minute, high resolution) 8.00 MB
Video streaming, e.g., Netflix (per minute, high resolution) 35.00 MB

Unlimited data tariffs for Turkey

An unlimited data plan, with which you can make as many calls and surf the Internet as you like, guarantees you maximum flexibility on your vacation in Turkey.

Further advantages are:

  • It is not necessary to calculate your expected data volume.
  • You pay a fixed price.
  • Your Internet connection is always reliable.
  • You do not have to top up your data volume while on vacation.

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Frequently asked questions

Do you have any more questions about SIM cards for Turkey? You can find more information in our FAQ.

You can check whether your smartphone is compatible with the frequencies in Turkey on web portals such as or Kimovil. Especially if you have an older device, you should find out before you buy your Turkey SIM card.

International roaming charges apply when you make calls or surf the Internet abroad. Using your smartphone in Turkey can be very expensive if you don't take international roaming charges into account. However, you can avoid these costs with a SIM card or eSIM for Turkey.

With the SIM card for Turkey, you don't have to rely on the Wi-Fi in the hotel, which in many cases is slow and sometimes not secure.

Turkcell is the largest mobile phone provider in Turkey. Other major providers are Ay Yildiz and Türk Telekom.

You can purchase a Turkey SIM card at your destination, but it's more convenient if you buy your SIM card or eSIM online before you travel. That way, you won't waste precious vacation time searching, and you can access the internet immediately.

There is no charge for using WhatsApp if you have a free Wi-Fi connection or a Turkey SIM card.