New Zealand

For a trip to New Zealand, you need a valid visa. Which type is suitable for your travel plans and whether you can also enter New Zealand with an E-Visa depends on a number of factors. We support you in applying for your NZeTA for New Zealand.

Travel information

Country facts

Are you planning a vacation in New Zealand? You'll find majestic mountains, mysterious fjords, and lonely beaches in the midst of the rich Maori and Kiwi culture! But before you go, here's what to know about your trip to New Zealand.

Quick facts New Zealand

  • Location: South Pacific
  • Area: 269,652 km²
  • Currency: New Zealand Dollar (NZD)
  • Official languages: English, Māori, New Zealand Sign Language
  • Population: approx. 5.1 million
  • Capital city: Wellington

Climate in New Zealand

The climate in New Zealand is comparably mild but varies greatly from north to south and from season to season. Around the many coasts of New Zealand, there is a mild maritime climate. The north is subtropical, and in the south, you can expect an alpine climate with lows down to -10°C.

Landscape and nature in New Zealand

New Zealand is part of the Pacific Ring of Fire, which means that the ground is constantly in motion. Marvel at volcanic activities such as hot springs and geysers and educate yourself on the proper behavior during earthquakes.

In addition to volcanoes, New Zealand's landscape features mixed and rain forests, highland steppes, and glaciers. The unique wildlife of the island state includes the rare kakapo, the kiwi, the kea, various species of seals and sea lions, dolphins, whales, and penguins.

Entering New Zealand

For a trip to New Zealand, you need an NZeTA or visa. Also, check the current entry requirements for New Zealand before you travel.

Getting around New Zealand

In New Zealand, you will hardly find any well-built roads. Instead, your road trip through New Zealand will take you over romantic winding roads and adventurous mountain passes.

Therefore, when calculating travel times between sights and accommodations, always keep in mind that you will be moving much slower throughout New Zealand than on a highway or freeway, for example.


New Zealand has left-hand traffic!

Means of payment in New Zealand

You can use your credit card almost everywhere in New Zealand, and ATMs can be found on every corner.

Travel and safety tips for New Zealand

Since the local security situation can change spontaneously, keep up to date with current events and forecasts during your trip with the help of news and weather reports.