For a trip to Canada, you need a valid visa. Which type is suitable for your travel plans and whether you can also enter Canada with an E-Visa depends on a number of factors. We support you in applying for your eTA travel authorization for Canada.

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Country facts

Quick facts Canada

  • Location: North America
  • Area: 9,984,670 km²
  • Currency: Canadian Dollar (CAD)
  • Official languages: English, French
  • Population: approx. 38 million
  • Capital city: Ottawa

Climate in Canada

Canada has a diverse climate with long winters and hot summers. Severe cold and snowstorms are as typical for the "Great White North" as sudden heat waves. The different climate zones of Canada range from polar climate to mild maritime climate.

Landscape and nature in Canada

Canada mainly consists of seemingly untouched nature with mighty mountain regions, majestic forests, windy tundra, and breathtaking coastal areas and waterfalls.

If you want to get up close and personal with Canada's wildlife, you'll get to meet whales, moose, bears, and even polar bears. Leave the city limits of Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, or Ottawa behind and choose from 47 national parks!

Entering Canada

For a trip to Canada, you need an eTA or visa. Also, check the current entry requirements for Canada before you travel.

Getting around in Canada

Canada has a strong infrastructure with a wide domestic flight network and many train and bus lines. However, the nicest way to get around is to rent a car, which will take you to the most remote areas in beautiful nature.


Speed limits are pretty low in Canada: on highways, for example, you're allowed to drive a maximum of 110 km/h.

Means of payment in Canada

In Canada, you can pay with your credit card almost everywhere. However, if you prefer cash, you will also find an ATM in most places.

Travel and safety tips for Canada

Since the local security situation can change spontaneously, keep up to date with current events and forecasts during your trip with the help of news and weather reports.